January 2023

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Coravin Wine Preservation

Coravin wine injector
Frederick’s Wine Room is proud to announce that we have invested in Coravin for the preserving and pouring of our fine wines. The decision to invest in Coravin is to present wine at it’s optimal serving to our wine enthusiast patrons that want to elevate the experience of tasting fine wines. What is Coravin? Well in the beginning I called it Corvina and then embraced the name Coravin.  I learned that it was created by a man named Greg Lambrecht on a mission to enjoy fine wine while his wife was pregnant thus having extra wine that would normally spoil if not consumed within a certain period. We ordered not one but two because we wanted to ensure we received the correct model type for our needs and went with the black and gold Coravin 6 model.  It includes special plugs for wines that are screw top that are new world and able to use the Coravin the traditional way for the true cork wines as well. How does Frederick Wine Room use the Coravin? Our Sommelier Juan states it’s his new favorite device to serve wine as he is very impressed due to the fact that he was served his favorite malbec, merlot, chardonnay and pinot grigio on a wine flight without having to pull the cork in a traditional way and instead using the Coravin medical grade injectable needle. As a safety check he has tipped the bottle upside down and no leaks-incredible! That means it’s a very tiny needle and the cork preserves the wine by inserting argon gas in place of the wine that is suctioned out. Visit Frederick’s Wine Room to enjoy fine wines, a tasting flight and check out the Coravin.

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