January 2023

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Wines For A Cause

Wines for a cause is exclusive to our area and great tasting wines that a portion of the proceeds benefit various non profits. Wines for a cause are a Frederick’s Wine Room favorite because the price point is reasonable and some of the wines have a twist which we’ll will discuss in this blog.

MOAScato is a sparkling wine from California. It’s unique taste is sweet but not too sweet. Floral aromas of honeysuckle, citrus, peach, pear in a bubbly finish. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Daytona Museum of Art and Science. This wine has been recommended for toasting on special occasions, a great wedding wine and a favorite among locals that love sweet and bubbly

Circus Cabernet is a cabernet sauvignon by Col Eva wines, Buellton, CA with 12.9% alcohol by volume. The label is called “Circus Tiger” painted by Michele P Connors for our distributor. Aromas of black raspberry crumble, cocoa dust, black cherries, sugar plums and a hint of vanilla. A portion of the proceeds benefits the Halifax Humane Society. The owners of Frederick’s Wine Room have adopted german shepherd dogs, the founder of the city of DeBary, Frederick DeBary is known for having hunting beagle dogs and photos of the dogs are featured at Frederick’s Wine Room. For all fur animal lovers this wine is recommended to support this much valued service to our community. 

Two Hearts and a Rose sparkling Rose Wine is from California. A sparkling wine with notes of peach, strawberry, apricot, and watermelon. A portion of the proceeds is donated for breast cancer research through the American Cancer Society. The pink heart label art is painted by Michele P Connors, 11.5% alcohol by volume. This sparkling wine is great for bubble baths, summer soiree, and to celebrate life. The owners of Frederick’s Wine Room are passionate about celebrating life and the Two Hearts and a Rose cause due to a family member a breast cancer survivor. 


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